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What a beautiful time! Most of the flowers blooms simultaneously and yet there’s more to come. Glory days I tell you! In about a month we live in Copenhagen.  A month ago the thought scared me to death, but now it’s more exciting than scary. I don’t belive it’s healthy to stay at one place for too long. We’ve lived 5 years in Kristiansand and now it’s time to let go. I see a rootless life as a good life. Leaving almost all our material goods behind and have a fresh start.

Cosmos double-click rose from seed.

Cucumber we’ve sown.


Tomatoes from seed.

Wilma tomatoes from seed.

Helenium from last year.

Malva moschata buds.

White peony.

Apple mint and chocolate Mint.

Can’t get enough.

Crop of mixes salad leaves.


Spinage in front, and carrot and salad crop.

Delphinium grandiflorum, also known as siberian larkspur.

Carrot crop.




after a 25$ investment at a local warehouse last fall I bought a small plastic greenhouse on sale. on 62″ hight and 32″ widht I can now grow my own plants, either to gaze upon or to eat. I prefer both. I bought seeds from,http://www.thompson-morgan.com/, three times the price of the greenhouse. and planted the first seeds two weeks ago, so it’s packed! the five different varieties of sweet pea’s, cosmos and ipomoea have germatined. due to lack of space, I haven’t planted the vegetables yet. two different varieties of tomatoes( ideal for patios), cucumbers and carrots. still waiting patiently on the slower plants, as my favorite heliotrope:

facts: a heavy-bloomer, with big clouds of small purple flowers with a gentle vanilla scent. with thick, darkgreen leaves on wood-like branches. full sun and prefers sandy- soil.

lol: similar to the my greenhouse, the smallest ever:

wisdom: you will increase your knowledge and appreciation by growing your own flowers and food, and get your hands dirty at the same time.