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First harvest found place in the middle of june, radish, rucola and salad leaves. The flowers are finally blooming and the vegetable plants are growing bigger as we speak. The green house will be devoted to the cucumbers and tomatoes. The garden still has some secrets to reveal, therefor  the garden posts are not yet done.

Haha, so much for a style blog.  And the proofread function doesn’t work, so if this look dyslectic, it probably is.

I need a drink.

Two different varieties of tomatoes and cucmber.

I’ve been waiting a year and a half for this beauty! Himalayan blue poppy.

Huge paeonia plant. Had to wait until they bloomed this week to see the color, and they turned out to be white. Thank god they’re not red!

A pink lupin I brought home from a walk last summer.

Green house packed with tomatoes and cucumbers.

It’s a shame that I can’t bring this beauty with me to copenhagen. It would take up an entire backseat.

Cucumbers in the back, tomatoes in front.

Fuzzy apple mint leaves.

Astilbe about to bloom.

Rucola crop.


This is the vegetable bed I made in a previous post. Salad leaves in the middle and carrots on both sides. Spinage, salad, cosmos and sweet pea, runner beans and nasturtium in the pots between the two

vegetable beds.


Herbs bed.

Herb bed.

Robin and Anakin.

Lupin leaves.

A red paeoina.

Currently the highlight of the garden.

Still many buds to go.

Almost transparent blue.

As a bud.

First harvets this year. Radishes for sandwiches or salads.

Small and delicious. Really spicy taste.

Delphinium grandiflorum. Hopefully a ‘summer blues’, but looks like a dark shade of blue.

Salad, cosmos and sweet pea, side by side in a pot.


Radish crop.

We planted a squash plant in the middle of the radish crop, that is empty now.

Lupin as a youngster.

Aquilegia vulgaris.

Pansies form last summer and a cosmos.

Himalayan blue poppy with several buds.



first post of my garden series, and I want to document for you and for my self  what will grow, what’s growing and what unfortunately won’t grow in my garden. when the lazy afternoon sun hit I grabbed the camera and this is what I got. the plants from my green house isn’t  hardy enough to be planted out yet, so they stay safely in the greenhouse for at least the next 2-3 weeks. but my biennials from last summer are doing great progress. I will explain as we go.

our kitchen table. campanula of some sort. my closest guess is melton bells. if someone know the exact specie I would be grateful.

yellow viola. a classic. different candle holders and small pots.

last fall I collected tin cans and let them stay outside all winter. I love the rust against the green. cheap and easy diy re-use of tin cans.

soft purple pansy. bought at a gardener’s market.

a transplanted cosmos bipinnatus double click rose bonbon.

viola tricolor planted together with pansies in similar colors.

cosmos seedlings in the front, over wintered heliotrope in the middle, which I suspect is no longer with us. any tips?

pansies planted together in a flowertub.

dead or alive heliotrope.

viola, I love the color combination in this pot.

black cat: “no worries”. white cat: “nah, skeptic”

an over  wintered astilbe europa.

although I suspect the garden center of labeling it wrong,  it looks more like a astilbe arendsii when it blooms, the color is dark pink, not soft pink as the europa.

ivy against our rusty fence,

which reminds me of a concentration camp fence and it used to have barbed wire on top.

when we moved here last fall I discovered a paeonia under layers of weed, I saw one apricot colored flower, but I can’t identify the sort. does anybody know?

a big rhubarb that I separated last fall and grows in two places.

a lonícera caprifólium (honeysuckle) in the front and clematis in the background.

a clematis flower bud. grows in the sunniest location in the garden.

lemon thyme. thyme is my favorite spice. here you see part of our herb bed. the edges are put together by old bricks and drift wood. all of our herbs and spices are gathered here, unfortunately the others haven’t grown yet after the winter.

cosmos, hollyhocks, various sweet peas and heliotrope.

hollyhocks and chatsworths sweet pea.

in front, campanula dwarf double melton bells. sweet pea, elegant ladies and blue ripple. in the back heliotrope and viola blue shades.

our gigantic red currant bush in front and our tiny green house in the back.

ahaha, this is anakin skywalker (one of my two cats) and this looks like a prom picture.

what a poser..

one of my favorite perennials, the aquilegia vulgaris . (columbine)  a bit embarrassing to admit that I can’t remember which sort because we planted two and only one have grown and I can’t remember which this is.

my other favorite perennial, meconopsis betonicifolia

or himalayan blue poppy. hopefully it will grow as tall and beautiful as it should,

but I think it looks a little weak.

delphinium(right)  and bleeding heart(left)

he is not shaved for aesthetic reasons.

blue snowdrops.

muscari, also known as grape hyacinths.

thank you for looking at the pictures.  If you have any tips, tricks or comments, just leave a comment and make my day.

I’ve used is a pentax k100d camera with a pentacon electric multi coating. I don’t understand any of that.