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Status quo in my garden. With a low-budget garden you have to realise that you can’t pick from the top shelf, moneywise. I’m not a big fan of petunia, they smell and stick to your fingers. But I had to reconsider them at a visit to the local garden center on monday. I found them on sale, 6 for 8$, and the color was nice. Especially when I fell in love with the light and dark purple verbena, a perfect match.

The assistant gardener called in sick today.

Passion flower in the kitchen window.

Astilbe in the shade.

Rhubarb in great shape.

Paeonia with homemade plant support.

Cut-back salvia, originally a bush.

Bleeding heart and aquilegia vulgaris.

The pear tree with buds.

Red currant.

Clematis and honeysuckle.

Light and dark purple verbena.

Oregano and lemon thyme growing good.

Bleeding heart about to bloom.

I planted a row of eight petunia for the border. Not because I particularly like them, but because they were on sale and will bloom all summer.  Dark purple is a nice contrast to the light colors that dominate this flower bed.