Happy summer to you all!  I’m finally done with my exams and have had a few days off before working fulltime this summer. This means I’m able to blog more, take more pictures and spend more time tending my vegetables and flowers.  Hopefully we will meet some interesting people through couch surfing during the summer, as we have started to host again. A friend gave me some vegetable seeds last week, which grows in a rapid pace. The only downside is that I haven’t labeled them so I can’t tell them apart. From what I remember he gave me squash, spinach, runner beans and broccoli, and a few more. So if you recognize some of the seedlings, I would appreciate if you left me a comment so I can give them the proper care.

I wish I could post some more vintage treasure photos, I have so great finds in my wardrobe. It’s just that I feel so incredibly stupid taking pictures of myself. I just have to swallow my pride, and get to the case. Since we’re moving to Copenhagen in august we need to save money. I will not allow myself  to spend money on clothes, so I have to be creative with what I got.

Peach and purple pansies

Aquilegia vulgaris from last year. All of the perennials have doubled their size except for this one.

Bleeding heart blooming in their final week.

Unfortunately three branches were destroyed by the wind.

Purple pansies have survived the freezing winter.

One of the unidentified seedlings.

Cucumber seedling.

Tomato seedlings.

Runner beans.

Red currant.

Verbena. I saw this morning that it has red flowers too. Thought it only had pale and dark purple flowers.

Radish in the vegetable garden.

As they only need 2-3 cm apart, you can get plenty of radish in a small vegetable bed. I have also 12 in a flower-pot.

Carrot seedlings.

Mixed salad in the vegetable bed. Carrots on both sides.

The herb bed is growing in a rapid pace.

Our paeonia bush is now 140 cm tall.

Robin having a cat-nap under the red currant bush.

The passion-flower we have declared dead over seven times has started to bloom.



  1. Wow, what a strange beauty! Ps: Love your pictures xx

  2. likewise! lollos locos.
    ps.thanks for the comment.

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